Anne & Mark have worked collaboratively with Creaseys Wealth and Creaseys Accountants on financial planning, tax, and accounting for the last five years.

Their professional and personal lives have been jam packed, from over 15 years spent working in Madrid to various charitable trips, seeing them support communities in a variety of places including Senegal and Zambia.

We spoke to them about our process and why it suits them…

“The Creaseys Wealth process is completely personalised and very much focused on us. It’s explained in a clear way and always backed up visually to make it understandable.

“Ben is honest and independent – giving us impartial advice on all areas of our finances. He is always prepared to listen to our fantastical ideas and work with us to make them a reality. All whilst keeping our long-term goals in mind, such as taking care of the family.”

We always aim to be transparent and personable, putting the clients’ goals at the heart of what we do – clients first, investments second.

“We’ve been exploring setting up a charitable trust and Ben helps us to picture how our finances will look in a few years’ time, something that is hard to do on your own. He always takes us back to our plan but with a forward-looking attitude.

“The whole planning exercise is very good and it’s what makes Ben more than a wealth manager – he is a family financial planner. I am more than comfortable for him to work with our children as they get older, this isn’t something I would do with other advisers, and it makes it quite special.”