Our client has been working with Creaseys Wealth for nearly three years. Moving into our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) portfolio in 2020.

With a background in private equity impact investing, having a portfolio that aligns with his values was very important.

Relationship Partner, Ben Waite, has worked with the client to set up this portfolio – something he would hope to expand even further as more ESG funds become available.

“When I moved the money out of my pension, I wanted to push for an ESG approach. Certain sectors such as gambling are a definite no go for me, and as a first step I wanted to ensure they would be excluded.”

Investors won’t tolerate being invested in industries or businesses they don’t support.

ESG investing is all about ensuring your portfolio reflects what’s important to you, as our client discussed above, we’re able to avoid industries and funds that you simply don’t want to support.

But it’s about more than just ESG and avoiding sectors…

“At the moment, most ESG portfolios are tailored towards avoiding the things people don’t want to be invested in, however I am keen to actively target investments that are positively impactful.”

Ben continues to work with the client to see how his ESG portfolio performs, and, in the future, they hope to work together to tailor the funds even further.