Jason has history with Creaseys Wealth. The good kind of history. His relationship with us grew out of his working life. With twenty plus years in private equity Jason was looking for a personal wealth manager. Creaseys Wealth provided tax advice to Bridgepoint Group, Europe’s largest private equity firm where he was a partner. From those early days he’s now been a client for over eight years.  

Like most partners in global private equity a lot of his time was spent travelling. His time is precious. On the tax side, the service provided by Creaseys was very efficient and straight forward. He then met Ben Waite from Creaseys Wealth and discovered that the same model applied. It’s all very straightforward and Ben provides that vital link between tax and personal wealth.  

Over the years Jason’s been on a journey with Ben. To be clear, not literally. It’s been about incrementally building little bits of the jigsaw puzzle. This sort of relationship has to be built over time.  

As Jason explains: “Pretty much on a monthly basis I get support from Creaseys. It might be on the tax side, might be with investments, might be to help with businesses I’m buying.”  

Creaseys have been advising on business restructuring and share arrangements. The big positive for Jason is that all the bases get covered. Jason has a number of business and personal wealth interests. It was important to him that there was patience, transparency and clarity from the outset. He needed to be confident that all the different parts of his financial interests being supported. 

Jason explained how it works with Ben as his key point of contact: “He’s very happy to do and plug me into the right person. Whether that’s people he knows on the insurance side or more recently, the legal side. He’s been helping me with a little transaction.”  

“And as I move from 100 flights a year with an all-consuming role at Bridgepoint to a plural life, he’s been really good at plugging me into his wider network. I’ve met a bunch of interesting people through that as well. What Ben does really well, which is difficult to express, is that he’s a good listener.” 

As Jason says: “He doesn’t rush you into big step decisions. It’s been very incremental, and it continues to be. We’re getting to a place where I don’t feel the need to go beyond the support I’m getting from Creaseys. Having this sort of wrap around service is quite important.” 

When it comes to managing wealth, it’s not just about financial planning but also lifestyle considerations. Jason thinks Ben has got it just right: 

“I think I’ve got a pretty balanced and thoughtful perspective on all of that, but it helps to have a sort of third party that you’ve got to know and trust who’ll give you their take on it. To play back what I’m saying and what my wife is saying. What we’re thinking in terms of the kids. What we’re thinking about where live and how we’ll live, what we’ll do. He’s very good at that as an individual.” 

For Jason, a patient approach to building the risk in his financial portfolio along with a flexibility of structuring allows him to continue to undertake private investments. It also helps him to continue to have access to Creaseys for tax advice so he can bounce questions off them. 

As Jason says: “I know it’s not, but it feels like all the same business. That you’re getting a one stop shop service. I really benefit from that because I’m always time poor and having to repeat over and over wouldn’t be great.”  

In Jason’s view that approach is an example of the humility he thinks runs across all the people he interacts with. “If they aren’t the expert to get you the answer, they work hard to find you someone who is. I value that as it was an approach we used at Bridgepoint. We would always say we don’t know everything ourselves, but we’ll work really hard to find someone who does.” 

Whether it’s setting up a family investment company or help with deploying investments Creaseys Wealth have gone the extra mile in finding efficient and relevant legal contacts. They’ve helped with a tax query on a house purchase and how to structure business acquisitions. They work on a case-by-case basis drawing people into the team supporting Jason as and when needed. All carefully managed and overseen by Ben.  

The values adopted by Creaseys Wealth really matter to Jason: “I think they are a values-based firms where the things that jump out are straightforward, transparent and solution seeking. They’re the sort of words that I would genuinely use about them. You feel like they want to help you that they are trying to help you get to the best answer for you, not the best answer for them.” 

And of course, if you could do with a Ben in your life, please get in touch.