What we do isn’t for everyone.

Our clients are selective. And so are we. We only work with successful individuals and their families where we can add significant value to their current situation.

In 2009 our sister company Cooper Parry Wealth reduced their number of clients from over a thousand to less than a hundred. This was all part of our joint vision to be the best at what we do. We realised that to be number one we needed to focus all our efforts on those clients who would benefit most from our different way of working with them.


Our clients have certain things in common. Typically they’re business owners, or have sold their businesses in recent years. Or they are equity partners in professional firms. Some are high earning senior executives in large companies.

When we first meet we usually find that they’ve prioritised their business lives over their personal finances. They’ve made some good decisions, but there is no focus on why. They may have worked with a number of different advisers, who’ve given them conflicting advice. Things have been missed. Often they’re paying more than they need to.

Some have even been misled by the financial services industry, have accumulated a pile of investment products and have no idea if they’re on track to achieve everything that’s important to them. They have no plan. Of course, this is all before they start working with us.

client stories

All of our clients are different. They each have a unique story to tell. Here, a selection share how they started working with us, why they would recommend us, and most importantly how we have helped them.


Tristan has had a long-standing relationship with Creaseys Accountants which stems from a business connection.


“I was really impressed from the start. Ben and the team listened to our goals and aspirations and put them into a financial content –...